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Part 12,758 of when a news story sucks SO bad....we really, really really wish this was just a comedy skit. (Source Video) Note: This is the Serbian President wishing he was only seeing a comedy.  He had a pretty good day, compared to Julian Assange.

So , Assange's extradition hearing started today. This story would be really funny....if it was not reality. 

Show trial in Stalin's USSR or Johnson's UK?

- no contact with lawyers for 6 months

- journalists can't hear proceedings

- locked behind a glass box

- in solitary confinement at Belmarsh

- facing sentence of 175 years in US

What did he do?

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Reveal war crimes.(Source)

Kevin Gosztola, who has reported on Wikileaks since at least 2012, wrote,  "Judge railroads Assange as legal team objects to fresh extradition request...."  (Source)

Richard Medhurst reported, "Kristinn Hrafnsson (@khrafnsson)editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) says he wasn’t allowed to attend the trial and only allowed to observe journalists, watching a video monitor. 'I call this an absolute abomination. [...] As far as I'm concerned it's a secret trial.'" (Source and Video)

"'This...,' Investigative Reporter Stefan Simanowitz wrote, ' not normal.'  Amnesty (@amnesty) is almost always granted access to monitor court cases around the world. For our legal observer to find out this morning that he has not been granted even REMOTE access to the #Assange proceedings is an outrage.”Amnesty’s@struthers_marie (Source and Video) 

“This is unacceptable. This case is of enormous intn’l public interest & must be open to scrutiny.” RSF’s @rebecca_vincent. The entire list of 40 trial monitors had their remote access to the #Assange hearings withdrawn this morning. #JulianAssange...'" Simanowitz wrote. (Source and Video)

Summing up the day, Mary Kostakidis wrote, "Take home from morning session: The judge has not changed her mind about accepting the new indictment. Julian could have spent more time in jail while his team prepared their defence. And all non journo monitors barred." (Source)

Stella Morris said, "'He won't survive': Julian Assange's partner pleads for his release...." (Source)

John Pilger wrote, "“.... Freedom of the press now rests with the honorable few: the exceptions, the dissidents on the internet who belong to no club, who are neither rich nor laden with Pulitzers, but produce fine, disobedient...journalism – those like Julian Assange....” (Source)

The Farce is scheduled to continue tomorrow.