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David Kim is a progressive congressional candidate for California’s 34 district. He has a robust policy platform that covers some of the most progressive policies this election cycle. Both Marianne Williamson and Andrew Yang have endorsed David.

UBI, or Universal Basic Income, is front and center in Kim’s platform. Popularized by Andrew Yang and later promoted by Tulsi Gabbard, UBI has been discussed heavily more recently as a way of protecting the American people amidst the pandemic. David Kim is pushing for a $1,000/month UBI for every American once they reach 18 years old. He views it as a method of not just fighting against the ongoing automation in American industry, but as a powerful tool for lifting Americans out of poverty.

David is pushing for a single-payer healthcare system to finally provide coverage to all Americans. He goes further than many others who have pushed for universal healthcare by centering it around disease prevention, but also by focusing on treatments not traditionally considered in these discussions, such as substance abuse treatment and a variety of forms of counseling.

His plan for combating climate change, like many other progressives, is instituting a Green New Deal. He emphasizes the need to enact dynamic changes, not just on a global level, but even down to local policymaking. David sees climate change as the national security threat and ethical dilemma it is, as well as the climate justice concerns at every level. Additionally, he recognizes how climate change disproportionately impacts low-income communities.

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David Kim has also made homelessness one of his top concerns. Homelessness, one of the greater moral failings of the U.S., is rarely discussed in American politics. When politicians do mention it, they rarely discuss it in any meaningful way. Consequently, politicians almost never propose substantive solutions. David, on the other hand, is arguing for a comprehensive approach, including initiatives like direct cash relief, decriminalization of homelessness, and Permanent Supportive Housing.

There is another area where David Kim truly sets himself apart from the majority of other progressives: foreign policy. Like congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, David Kim stands firm against regime change wars and interventionist approaches.

He has stated that the United States needs a “vastly scaled back military,” so that the country can begin choosing diplomacy over imperialism. As a self-described anti-imperialist, David has made it clear that his opposition to imperialist policies extends beyond hard power. He has also acknowledged the devastating effects of soft imperialism like sanctions, and he understands that sanctions end up impacting the most vulnerable populations, often plunging them further into abject poverty.

David Kim is a truly unique candidate amongst other progressives. His dynamic policy platforms represent a vision to radically change the nation’s trajectory towards one that best serves its people, but also one which brings better peace, stability, and environmental protection globally.