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BREAKING: Jury In Breonna Taylor's Case Was Never Allowed To Indict Her Killer

The New York Times reported late last night that the jury in Breonna Taylor's case was never actually allowed to charge any of the officers with the murder of Breonna Taylor. The juror attests that they were never given that option by Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

According to the unnamed juror's attorney, the juror approached him distraught over the fact that the AG completely misrepresented the grand jury's opinion in the press conference following the jury's decision. 

“While there are six possible homicide charges under Kentucky law, these charges are not applicable to the facts before us because our investigation showed — and the grand jury agreed — that Mattingly and Cosgrove were justified in the return of deadly fire after having been fired upon,” Mr. Cameron said, According to the juror, this is only one of several statements where the attorney general spoke as if he and the jury reached a consensus on the fates of Mattingly and Cosgrove, the two officers responsible for killing Breonna Taylor. 

In the above video, Niko House covers this breaking news. He also gives reviews of the reason that this particular police unit was put together and received their "no-knock" warrant. 

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