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First they came for the journalists....We don't know what happened after that (Source)

CORRECTION: Original story title said "Kenosha" in error.  We apologize for the inaccuracy, and in the interest of transparency, have noted the change.

By now, many have watched reporter Sam Richards reporting "Minnesota's Governor Admits To Working W/ Intelligence Community To Stamp Out Protestors" (Video Link)

We reported how Fusion Centers, since at least 2012, seek to control American public opinion based on Information Control (Link). Richards was recently arrested while reporting,  and his arrest is just one more example of the ongoing War on Reporting (Link)

"Video of my curfew arrest didn't save, here is a quick summation" (Source Video)

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Richards told MCSC, "I guess I'd say I am disappointed but not at all surprised that the police here would arrest a reporter for filming and asking questions," he said.

"I still don't have feeling completely back in my hand,  however, compared to the ways police treat Black people and others, I really have no complaints," he said.  "I plan to fight this misdemeanor and hope it serves as a challenge to future unconstitutional, ad hoc citywide curfews," Richards said.

"The zipties...," he said, "...were way too tight. My thumb, wrist and hand have been tingly and numb since the arrest but are getting slowly better," according to Richards.

Sam's arrest, it is interesting to note, coincided with a court decision further eroding constitutional protections for a free press. (Thread Link)