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RBG Said Her Roe V. Wade Support Was Based On Suppression Of Minority Populations

Is Ruth Bader Ginsburg's pattern of racism being ignored by the left?

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, commonly referred to as "RBG", recently passed away, and the untimeliness of her passing has led to a wide array of reactions from both the right and the left. Surprisingly, the progressive wing of the left has joined the neoliberal wing in singing RBG's praises. This is likely because Justice Bader Ginsburg has always been heralded as a progressive champion by the mainstream media and mainstream leftists. However, if we dig a little deeper, we'll find that not only are the praises being thrown at RBG largely undeserved, but her record suggests that she actually should (and probably would if she was a Republican) be condemned by anyone who has taken a close look at most of RBG's political career pre and post-Supreme Court appointment. 

In the above video, Niko House provides an analysis of just a few of the blemishes on Ruth Bader Ginsburg's record. The most shocking of which involve her reasoning for supporting Roe V. Wade. 

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