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Breonna Taylor Was Killed For Louisville's Gentrification Project

The police unit that burst into Breonna Taylor's apartment was put together to clear the neighborhood for a "revitalization project called "Vision Russel".

Recently, a judge ruled that none of the police responsible for the death of Breonna Taylor. Ms. Taylor was a resident of Louisville, Kentucky who was shot by police officers after the officers were given a "no-knock" warrant that permitted them to enter her home unannounced. To the surprise of many, the judge overseeing the case ruled that the police officers were found to be justified in shooting Breonna Taylor.

In the segment above, Niko House outlines a report on the special police unit called "Place-Based Investigations" that was put together by the Louisville Metro Police Department in order to address what local officials refer to as "systemically violent locations". And the reason that Louisville has suddenly taken interest in addressing these troubled neighborhoods is because of a federally-funded gentrification effort called "Vision Russel".

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