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Russiagate pt. 2 | Media Irresponsibly Spreads Unfounded Claims of Alleged "Russian Interference"

The CIA just released a memo claiming Russia is preparing to influence the United States presidential election. Buckle up for Russiagate pt. 2.

It's been almost 4 years since the CIA released a statement claiming two "anonymous sources" discovered that Russia was working behind the scenes to rig the election for Donald Trump against the 2016 Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. If you've been following the Russiagate scandal closely, then you know that Mueller did confirm that the Trump administration did not collude with Russia to rig the election, and the Special Investigator could not say with any certainty that Russia did actually "hack" the election in favor of Donald Trump; if even at all. 

Unfortunately, it looks like the CIA is attempting to repeat the use the exact same playbook to muddy the waters of the November election. For better or for worse, Trump is viewed as being "anti-establishment" but many of his establishment colleagues and supporters. At the very least, he is more unpredictable than the oligarchs who've sat in the White House before him. That unpredictability has garnered a lot of sensationalist reactionism from some of the establishment's favorite pawns. Joe Biden, Hillary and Bill Clinton, the late John McCain and his wife, and Colin Powell are just a few of the establishment's most elite movers and shakers who've taken issue with the election of Donald Trump. So it only makes sense that the CIA, which is inextricably linked to the establishment and the military industrial complex, would also take issue with the unpredictability of President Trump. 

While I am personally not a fan of Donald Trump, it's indisputable that his unpredictable reactionism has made it difficult for the "old guard" to control the narratives they've relied on in the past to get support for problematic polices that would do damage to Americans and foreigners alike. The bipartisan coup attempts, bipartisan support for war with Iran, and bipartisan consensus of being hawkish on Russia have all been thwarted by President Donald Trump's bizarre, braggadocios, and unpredictable rhetoric, policies, and staffing decisions. This is the key reason for the Republican and Democratic establishment want to regain control of the White House and have seemingly implemented strategies that the United States have used conduct soft coups in other nations around the world. 

 In the above video, Niko House breaks down the history of the CIA lying about this particular issue, and the problem with the mainstream media uncritically pushing a narrative the CIA memo creates but never corroborates.

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