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The Interview: Web3 Streetwear in San Juan

The creative team behind W Stuff's "Hypebuddies" is translating Puerto Rico's vibrant fashion scene into a forward-looking Web3 economy.

The Puerto Rican brand W Stuff is bringing the island's street aesthetics to the metaverse. The company, which began as a physical store, recently released its own NFT collection, Hypebuddies. Three of the company's collaborators, William, Brian and Elias, spoke with Roundtable's Rob Nelson at Lighthouse NFT Gallery in San Juan about Hypebuddies and Puerto Rican culture.

William explains that the NFT collection reflects the lively spirit of Puerto Rican culture. 

"Puerto Rico has always had this vibrancy," he says. "We are very expressive. So being able to do something like this, with wild colors and people seeing it and being like, wow, that, that speaks to me, is an amazing feeling for us overall," he says.

William adds that they're hoping to capitalize on the growing pop culture interest in the island.

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"The last six or seven years, we've had a magnifying glass on top of us. We have a lot of big multimillion-dollar artists from Puerto Rico. This is a small island, but we're pretty well-known right now," he says.

"We're making the most out of the momentum that we have right now to bring our project and our vision into real life and mixing it with Web3." 

Roundtable Guests:

William, Brian, and Elias, Founders, W Stuff