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Forget Airline Miles—Alex Adelman's Lolli Card Offers Bitcoin Rewards

Will a Bitcoin rewards card speed adoption?

The Lolli Bitcoin rewards platform gives users free Bitcoin when they shop online at over a thousand merchants and get Bitcoin back on everyday purchases. With more than 1,100 merchants signed up, and 5 who already accept bitcoin for purchases, Adelman sees the card as a way to gradually ease newcomers into the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. He sat down with Roundtable’s Rob Nelson to discuss Bitcoin rewards and the path to crypto.

In this segment, Adelman discusses how Lolli will make it easier for newbies to approach Bitcoin.

“We're just trying to make it easier. What we're doing is trying to make Bitcoin a part of everyday life in a way that [traditional] payment [cards] have not. Bitcoin has primarily been used as a store of value, which really is you invest in it and you let it sit. That’s the trick of Bitcoin: You never sell, just hold it. And the problem with that is that people don't use it every day, because no one wants to spend an asset that has gone up hundreds of X, over the course of the last few years. Lolli allows you to spend your fiat and get Bitcoin.

“It takes something that primarily was just used as an investment and a store of value, and makes it a part of everyday life. So every time you swipe, every time you travel, every time you go to the grocery store, you can be earning Bitcoin. And now you're thinking about Bitcoin and you're seeing if I had earned $5 in Bitcoin or I had earned $5 in cash.”

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Watch the full discussion below:


Alex Adelman, CEO and co-founder of Lolli