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The Political Theater of AOC

The young politician has become a lightning rod for the left and the right.

Michael Loftus, comedian and editor of, and Niko House, political analyst at, joined Roundtable to discuss hot-button current issues around sports, race and politics.

In this segment, the panel discusses the appeal of New York state representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.

Loftus argues that AOC’s time in office has been a lot of talk and no results.

“She's the perfect example of a Democrat where it's the illusion of work without ever actually producing results,” Loftus said. “You can't point to one thing that AOC has done other than keep people in New York out of work.”

Despite her thin legislative record, House points out that Ocasio-Cortez’s strength lies partly in her ability to stay relevant.

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“She will never go more than two or three weeks without being mentioned in the news somehow,” House said. “The ability to sell that BS is something that both AOC and Trump have been good at.”

Roundtable Guests:

Michael Loftus, stand-up comedian and editor-in-chief of

Niko House, political analyst and founder of

Watch the full discussion below: