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Are We Going To See A Push Back

Vaccine mandates in Puerto Rico

Legal Director of the Instituto de Libertad Económica Arturo Bauermeister believes the U.S. government is getting “too cocky” through the use of fear regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Puerto Rico, Bauermeister says, people are more tolerant of the government and don’t push back as much as people in red states do.

“I think it's important to highlight that in Puerto Rico—contrary to say Texas or Florida, where some of these measures would be ludicrous—people, and I don't say this lightly, are a lot more tolerant of government, of paternalism,” Bauermeister said.

Jorge Rodriguez, Founder of the Puerto Rico Institute for Economic Liberty, says that Puerto Rico started controlling business capacity during the pandemic. This shifted to then requiring people to get the vaccine and now children.

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“Puerto Rico is going to mandate vaccines on the kids—probably is going to be the first one, the only one on all the kids. Everyone, not at school or whatever. So I think little by little you're getting more people out of the dark forces,” Rodriguez said.

Bauermeister says it was one thing for the government to impose restrictions at the onset of the pandemic when there was scientific uncertainty and no vaccines. However, now there are treatment methods almost two years later. Bauermeister says the U.S. is lucky to have booster shots available, as compared to other impoverished countries.

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