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Are We Going to See a Pushback Against Mandates?

The pandemic has sparked lawsuits and pushback

With the pandemic affecting lives for nearly two years now, many people are tired of the mandates and masks.

Legal Director of the Instituto De Libertad Económica Arturo Bauermeister cited a court case from the start of the pandemic, called Clawson, where Indiana college students didn’t want to get vaccinated, but they were still able to attend courses remotely or test regularly for COVID-19.

Jorge Rodriguez, Founder of Puerto Rico Institute for Economic Liberty, discussed a recent lawsuit of the vaccine mandates in Puerto Rico. He said in places like New York City, the mandates only apply to certain businesses—like bars and restaurants—rather than a majority of businesses like in Puerto Rico.

“The only place is Puerto Rico—is the only state or territory with a mandate that aids for all the restaurants, all the bars, all the gyms, all this past the gas stations, supermarkets, Airbnb, hotels, everyone,” Rodriguez said.

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In places like Texas and Florida, these mandates would not be normal, the panelists discussed, saying those states are less tolerant of the government mandates. 

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