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The Bread and Butter of the Democrats' "Build Back Better" Agenda

The bill based on Democrats' "Build Back Better" agenda has critics on the left and the right, imperiling its modest reforms.

Can the Democrats hold together long enough to push through a spending bill based on the agenda known as "Build Back Better"? Dick Price, publisher of the LA Progressive, believes that splits within the party threaten unity in a way that would not handicap a comparable effort by the GOP.  

Republicans “walk in lockstep,” he said, while the Democrats are split between moderates and a progressive minority that sees the current bill as not doing enough for everyday Americans. “What are called 'moderate Democrats' would in the days of yore be called 'Republicans.' They really are in service of the wealthy—the 1%,” Price said. 

Nonetheless, Price concluded, “There are significant benefits to working Americans in what's left of Build Back Better—universal preschool, child tax credits, paid leave, and some healthcare benefits—and I think those will be reflected in people's pocket." 

Watch the full panel:

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