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The Roundtable: Teaching Financial Literacy for a Web3 World

New tools are needed to help people keep pace with a fast-changing financial landscape.

As more people embrace crypto and Web3 technology, they’re learning that the existing web, a.k.a. “2.0”, is not adapted to the kinds of learning platforms they need to keep up with the ever-evolving blockchain landscape. Roundtable’s Rob Nelson sat down with a group of leading blockchain disruptors to discuss the future of finance and financial education. In this segment, they discuss the need for education tools to ensure literacy and public knowledge keeps pace with fast-moving developments. 

Jordan Edelson, the founder of TradeZing, explains how actors in the new online trading world of Web 3.0 and blockchain can stay on top of the changes.

“Our proprietary trading will connect you to a lot of these new opportunities and, and give you access to be able to take control of your financial footprint across all these different verticals,” says Edelman. “With a changing landscape, you're gonna have to stay educated. That's really what we're focusing on, an aggregator, with different income generation opportunities across this emerging ecosystem. You're going to care because you're going to want to learn, and you have to stay up to date with everything changing so quickly.”

“There are a lot of people creating financial information and it's just buried on a lot of these different networks like your Twitch and, and Twitter and Instagram," he adds. 

"You have people creating content, but it's buried, and to be able to connect to it and get access to that intelligence in real time, it's a challenge because those algorithms weren't really built for that purpose. They're trying to connect you to engaging content, regardless of what it is. We're taking a different approach to that with our platform. So you will see the rise of the influencer and really, the community[will] be able to make a lot of those decisions.”

Watch the full discussion below:

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