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Can Vladimir Putin Still Save Face in Ukraine?

It appears that Putin misjudged and bungled the invasion of Ukraine. What's not clear is how he extricates himself while declaring victory.

The Russian war on Ukraine has heightened tensions between global superpowers. As the U.S. and Europe support the resistance to the invasion, the lives of millions of Ukrainians remain in the balance, and president Volodymyr Zelenskyy continues to ask the international community for greater support. Journalist and lawyer Bill Blum, political analyst Eric Draitser and surgeon and former intelligence officer Dr. Keith Rose joined Roundtable to talk about the conflict, its global implications and how it can be ended.

In this segment, the panel discusses how to leverage Russia's political objectives in order to end the war.

"The way that negotiations work is that nobody gets everything, but everybody gets something," Draitser said. "The way this war ends is if Putin can politically save face, so his own government doesn't get destabilized. In order for that to happen, he has to get some kind of a political win."

Draitser believes that the negotiation of a ceasefire will be the first step in ending the war. But while American leaders a century ago managed to successfully negotiate the end of conflicts, Dr. Rose doubts that any of today's leaders have that skill.

"Teddy Roosevelt talked about speaking softly and having a big stick, and he stopped the Russian-Japanese war by negotiations," he said. "I don't believe that we have anyone in leadership in either party that could do that effectively today."

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Roundtable Guests:

Bill Blum, lawyer and columnist, Blum's Law

Dr. Keith Rose, M.D, surgeon and tactical medicine physician

Eric Draitser, political analyst and host, Counterpunch Radio

Watch the full discussion below: