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Brock Pierce on How to Orange-Pill Yourself and Speed Up Adoption

A legendary Bitcoin pioneer offers a DIY on-ramp for people unsure how to enter the crypto world.

One of Bitcoin’s pioneers offers a DIY on-ramp for people unsure how to enter the crypto world.

Brock Pierce has been part of Bitcoin from its infancy, and few people have had a better seat to watch it grow from the inside. Suddenly there's not a person around who doesn't know what Bitcoin is. They may not understand it, but still that's a big difference from 10 years ago. The challenge now is turning publicity into participation, or as Pierce puts it, awareness into adoption. To help, Pierce sat down with Roundtable’s Rob Nelson at the Bitcoin 2020 conference in Miami to offer a simple onramp for the crypto-curious

Brock Pierce: “If you're like, okay, I've heard of it. I'm curious. I want to know more, [the problem is] a lot of people overthink it, they spend too much time analyzing it. I'm gonna teach you the trick to skip over that and, and advance to the next level.”

Here’s the Brock Pierce plan to gently orange-Pill yourself, and decide if Crypto is right for you:

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“It's as simple as buying $20, $100. It doesn't need to be this thing that you spend, days, weeks, months, or years thinking about, it's not this incredibly intimidating hurdle. Just go out, download a wallet and buy $20. It's the best investment you could make in yourself. And I don't mean a financial investment you're investing in your own knowledge so you can make informed decisions for yourself. I do warn you though, when you take this orange pill, which is cheap, it's only 20 bucks , but when you take that orange pill, it is going to reveal a yellow brick road, an orange block road in front of you that may change your life.”

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