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Roundtable Interview: The Lightning Network and Other Bolts from the Blockchain Blue

Recent innovations are making cryptocurrency more accessible than ever.

Crystal Rose Pierce has been at the forefront of blockchain technology for over a decade. The entrepreneur, technologist and founder of Lighthouse NFT Smart Gallery in Puerto Rico has played an active role in the evolution of the Web3 community since the early days of Bitcoin. She joined Roundtable at Bitcoin 2022 in Miami to discuss how cryptocurrency is evolving, what to look forward to in NFTs and the future of mass crypto adoption.

Pierce observes that a handful of new technologies are making it easier than ever to access and use cryptocurrency.

"Now we have tools like the Lightning Network, which allows us to create invoices or do transactions with no fees, and that's extremely important because otherwise can't have developing nations onboarding with Bitcoin," she says. "We see other tools coming out like the Libre wallet, which is a decentralized wallet that has no transaction fees. This is now the Venmo of Bitcoin."

As far as incentives towards consumer crypto adoption, Pierce points to platforms like Lolli, which offers Bitcoin as rewards for shopping.

"You're learning about Bitcoin. You're able to gather a little bit of Bitcoin. You can share it with your friends. You can refer people and even earn more. So these are really interesting tools," she says.

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As NFTs grow more popular, she says, they're also educating new users on how to manage cryptocurrency.

"The more that we see people adopting NFTs, the more that they're learning about how to store value digitally," she says. "You're buying a piece of art, you could buy a piece of music, now we're having NFTs connected to physical goods, but in the digital space, you're learning how to store it and control it."

Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Crystal Rose Pierce, technologist, entrepreneur, and founder of the Lighthouse NFT Smart Gallery in Puerto Rico