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Roundtable Interview: The Trading Platform Designed as a Portal for Gamers and Gen Z

TradeZing offers finance newbies and young entrepreneurs the tools to develop their financial savvy.

As cryptocurrencies reach out for new audiences, there’s an increasing focus on so-called on-ramps, easy ways for people who’ve never been involved in crypto to ease in to the market. Jordan Edelson, who’s been creating digital companies since his early teens (and who has made two major commercials for Apple) has launched TradeZing, which aims to make accessing crypto easy for newbies, especially the Gen Z set. He sat down with Roundtable’s Rob Nelson at Bitcoin 2022 in Miami to explain.

Edelson started a company that pre-dated Twitch, allowing users to stream video game content, at age 14. As Twitch has grown more popular as a form of income generation, Edelson notes that the blockchain provides the finance infrastructure for more of that kind of work.

"If there's one positive thing that came outta the pandemic, it's that a lot of people woke up to other new ways of generating income and for better, or for worse, as we've seen people lost a lot of money, but again, hopefully through our platform to learn better ways how to invest," he says. "You're seeing kind of this whole ecosystem start to develop, but it's definitely being driven by Gen Z and millennials. So they need to be educated. And that what our platform's all about."

TradeZing, he says, gives young creators the opportunity to develop the financial savvy needed for digital entrepreneurship.

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"Finance transcends everything. Bitcoin in general, crypto, has become sexy," he says. "Stocks and bonds and trading are not really that sexy. Crypto has managed to bring a lot more pop culture around it."

Watch the full discussion below:


Jordan Edelson, Founder and CEO of TradeZing