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How Politicians Can Win Over the Working Class

The key to appealing to working people: be authentic.

The recent release of Peter Jackson’s sprawling Beatles documentary, Get Back, has stirred up a new wave of interest in the Fab Four. Writer and activist Richard Eskow joined Roundtable to talk about the Beatles’ working-class background and what working-class politics looks like today.

In this segment, Eskow discusses what it takes for politicians to appeal to working-class voters today, as the Democrats continue to decline in popularity among workers.

“Things aren't working out for the left politically,” he said. “Rather than blame the public, it's a good chance to say, why don't people understand that we have solutions for them?”

Donald Trump’s popularity among working-class voters, Eskow argues, has a lot to do with his unfiltered candor. He believes politicians on the left would do well to speak their mind.

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“People who are just absolutely spontaneous are gonna win the day,” Eskow said. “Be authentically yourself, whatever that is. People will trust you more, because people get when you're not being real.”


Richard Eskow, Host of Zero Hour

Watch the full discussion below: