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Roundtable Interview: War Reporter Kaj Larsen on Daily Life in Ukraine

A foreign correspondent recounts what he's seen on the ground in Ukraine.

Journalist Kaj Larsen has spent his career reporting on conflict in war zones around the world. Most recently, he covered the early weeks of the war in Ukraine on the ground. Larsen sat down with Roundtable at Bitcoin Miami to discuss the war, military strategy and where Ukraine is heading.

In this segment, Larsen discusses the shock of how the war has overturned daily life in Ukraine.

Larsen notes that the cultural similarities between the U.S. and Europe make the images from Ukraine particularly shocking.

Five weeks ago, 37 days, most of these Ukrainians were software engineers and accountants and lawyers and school teachers, and they were thinking about where their kids were going to go to high school or college or elementary school," he say.s "It's very easy to identify with these people who are living their normal lives one day, and the next day, they're sending all of their women and children to a foreign country, all of the men are conscripted to fight and they are in a battle for their lives."

Part of that disruption of everyday life has been the division of families, as women and children flee to Poland and men stay behind.

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"The story has been repeated two million times at that border in Poland," Larsen says. "You ask every single family, where are your husbands? And they say the same thing, they've joined the army and they want to fight."

Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Kaj Larsen, Journalist and War Correspondent