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Eyal Hertzog: It's Time to "De-Monopolize" the Internet

The founder of deWeb explains his vision for decentralized online services.

Founder Eyal Hertzog calls his platform deWeb a "decentralized Reddit." It's a blockchain-based message board, and he sees it as the future of social networks: rather than major companies profiting from users' data, users own the value they produce. Hertzog discussed the venture with Roundtable at Bitcoin Miami. In this segment, he discusses the concept behind disrupting the existing monopolies of social networks.

Hertzog explains DeWeb as essentially a platform to de-monopolize.

"It allows building online services on an open platform on the blockchain, where the revenue is shared to the end users, and you don't have any single party that controls the network," Hertzog explains. "I think that this is how every online service should operate, and we're building the platform for that."

That user-focused ethos, Hertzog notes, should spark more evolution and innovation than the current state of the internet.

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"The monopoly prevents choice. It actually prevents evolution because evolution does not happen because we come up with great ideas. It's because great ideas prevail and bad ideas die," Hertzog says. "A hundred percent of the value provided to people by Facebook and Reddit is by the end user. How much of the revenue are they getting? Zero."

Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Participants:

Eyal Hertzog, Founder and CEO, DeWeb