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The Roundtable: Boutique Air is Ready for Boarding

Accessibly priced, small-scale charter airlines are the future of commercial flying—not unresponsive monopolies.

Since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, traveling by air has become more laborious than ever. Over the years, several major airlines have increasingly consolidated their monopolies, prices have risen and the quality of the customer experience has plummeted. Now, staffing shortages are causing waves of cancelled flights worldwide, along with exacerbating existing supply chain issues. A panel of experts joined Roundtable to talk about the current miserable state of air travel and ways to improve the industry. 

In this segment, they discuss how small-scale air travel alternatives can change the commercial flying experience.

Marc Sellouk explains that crowdsourced options, including his start-up Flewber, can make air travel less time-consuming and more seamless.

“Imagine that you can show up to a regional airport. There are thousands of them across the us. You can show up, drive right up to your aircraft and be on your way,” he says. “There's an option that will make it a reality for everyone because you can crowdsource.”

As similar initiatives continue to be developed, he argues, they will become more accessible to the average traveler.

“You're seeing those $3,000 one-way tickets, but there's going to be price compression in the marketplace, because guys like us are utilizing technology, thinking outside of the box, utilizing tools that will bring it down market,” he says.

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Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Marc LoPresti, Co-Founder, Battlefin Group

General Anthony Tata, Retired Army Brigadier

Marc Sellouk, Founder & CEO, Flewber