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From Blockchain to Keychain: A Decade of Coinkite's Wearable BTC Jewelry

Mags Gronowska on the pleasures and risks of moving BTC from the blockchain to your keychain—and maybe your favorite gold necklace.

Founded in 2011, Coinkite is one of the oldest companies in the Bitcoin space. Their secure hardware comes in a number of forms, from traditional hardware wallets to gold pendants containing passwords and keys. 

"We've had people that years back put maybe one Bitcoin, five Bitcoin [on one of our products] and they carry it around," said Coinkite's Mags Gronowska, who joined Roundtable at Bitcoin 2022 in Miami to talk about the company's products. 

"And we have to help them access it because they really should be using a hardware wallet or cold card."  

Because Coinkite's wallet is "Bitcoin only," said Gronowska, "there's less attack vectors." The company recently implemented NFC, she explained, "so you can do a tap to sign. Historically we've been one of the only companies that does an air gap—which is to say, you're not touching the computer. You use an SD card to make the transaction. But now you can kind of tap your phone or mobile device to make the transaction. That's pretty new." 

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Roundtable Guests: 

Mags Gronowska, VP of Business Development, Coinkite