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Israel Wilson: Building NFT On-Ramps for Legacy Artists and Brands

The crypto pioneer discusses Snowcrash, a legacy-focused platform that brings famous creators and companies into the world of Web3.

When Israel Wilson first got involved in Bitcoin, few celebrities knew anything about the currency or the technology behind it. Today, it's hard to find any celebrities—movie stars, athletes, musicians—who aren't clamoring for a piece of the increasingly glamorous world of crypto and NFTs. 

Snowcrash, says Israel Wilson, is a "studio where we create the projects" to give legacy artists and companies a foothold. The company is also building a marketplace where the resulting projects can be traded. 

"We're [dealing with] enterprise level IP like BIA, Gucci, and all these people that they want to bring in," says Wilson. "These [legacy brands] want to bring things and they need reduced opacity. That's what my main role is. I reduce opacity around web3 and blockchain because I have an immersed perspective. I'm in the water, not above the water, so I can really help people navigate [this world." 

"The biggest thing is a lack of understanding," he continued. "If you don't have a deep enough understanding of crypto, it's very hard to begin to wrap your mind around what an NFT is. If you haven't understood previous tokens—that's one of the major hurdles. The others are the limitations of previous agreements [held by legacy names]."

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"If you're walking through a fog, you can only see two steps ahead of you," said Wilson. "But if that fog clears, you can see where you're going. I help clear away that fog because I have a clear understanding of what's happening and what it means."

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Roundtable Guests:

Israel Wilson, Senior Vice President of Partnerships, Snowcrash