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Grading Media Coverage of the Kyle Rittenhouse Case

Media coverage of the Rittenhouse case has been lacking in several respects.

Founder of True Homestead Eric McDonough and Matt Savoy from the Free Thought Process think that the media’s fixation on the Kyle Rittenhouse case is highly-politicized and detracts from larger matters at play in the United States.

Savoy says that Rittenhouse is a “dumb kid who made a bunch of poor decisions.” Savoy thinks that Rittenhouse is not what the media and society have portrayed him to be—such as a terrorist or a white supremacist who wanted to wreak havoc in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Savoy says the decision is ultimately up to the jury and not the media or public.

“That's why it's up to a jury to decide if he acted in self-defense,” Savoy says. “In my personal opinion, which means absolutely nothing, it looks like he did.”

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McDonough says he doesn’t think anything Rittenhouse did was illegal. He wouldn’t recommend anyone going to an event, rally, or protest carry an AR-15. However, he notes, it’s not illegal to be stupid in America. McDonough doesn’t consider Rittenhouse to be a hero, but he does say it’s “clear cut” that at least two of the shootings were in self-defense.

Savoy says the real, important issues happening in this country are not portrayed in the media.

“Instead of the media doing their job, which [is] using their pulpit to create a more harmonious world, they're just slinging more shit and causing more vitriol and stoking more divide between everybody. It's irresponsible on their part and nefarious at worst,” Savoy says.

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