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The Interview: The Future of Sports Fandom

The blockchain brings new levels of creativity and intimacy to the team-fan relationship.

Leon Lamle is experimenting at the intersection between the blockchain and entertainment. He is the founder of the E1 DAO, which has its own hydrofoil boat racing team, and he works closely with entertainers using the blockchain to promote their work. He joined Roundtable at the BattleFin conference in Miami to discuss his ventures. In this segment, he talks about how E1 works and his vision for the future of DAOs in sports.

Lamle explains that his DAO allows fans to participate in the process of their team’s decision-making.

“Let's say you're a fan of some sport team and they trade a player from one team to another, it just sucks. You have no voice, you have no input on this, but with our team, you can vote, and your vote will have some impact,” he says. “We're eventually going release the naming rights to our team to the DAO, so the fans can even tell us what we should call ourselves.”

He anticipates the DAO opening up possibilities for the fan base to participate in the team’s growth beyond simply being spectators.

“We're also going to provide creative outlets for the fans. Instead of just spending money with us, they can be creative with us,” he says. 

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“If we have creatives in our fan base who want to produce product or use our rights towards stuff, we want to enable that extra creativity. By incorporating the fans and their creativity into our IP rights and our league rights, that allows both sides to grow tremendously together.“

Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Leon Lamle, Founder, E1 Dao