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Roundtable Interview: Why Zimbabwe is Primed for Widespread Crypto Adoption

Investor and philanthropist Robert Chapman says the conditions are in place for a crypto flowering in his native Zimbabwe.

If any country knows from experience the dangers of hyperinflation, it's Zimbabwe, land of the infamous trillion-dollar bills that were issued under the reign of Robert Mugabe. The investor and Bitcoin advocate Robert Chapman believes that this experience has prepped his country—and especially its large young population—to embrace crypto and blockchain technology generally. 

"If there's something inflation taught us about, it's fiat currency," Chapman told Roundtable's Rob Nelson during Bitcoin 2022 in Miami. "You know, when we look at the banking system, when we address things like corruption, Bitcoin presents the opportunity for real independence. That's what I've learned over the last few days [here in Miami]. I am really encouraged to see the future for our country as it is moving away from fiat currency. Zimbabwe is the shining light for the African continent."

"This is not 1990 or 1987 or 1996," he continued. "Zimbabwe has Africa's youngest population. They are aware of Bitcoin — and they are already engaged with it and making global transactions. This government [we have] of old, old men, and old ideas, it doesn't work. We have an opportunity to end the corruption and really get in front of this."

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Roundtable Participants:

Robert Chapmaninvestor, and philanthropist focused on Energy and Healthcare