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Bitcoin and Boots on the Ground in Ukraine: A Conversation with War Reporter Kaj Larsen

Cryptocurrency has played a definitive role in an historic war.

Journalist Kaj Larsen has spent his career reporting on conflict in war zones around the world. Most recently, he covered the early weeks of the war in Ukraine on the ground. Larsen sat down with Roundtable at Bitcoin Miami to discuss the war, military strategy, and where Ukraine is heading.

In this segment, Larsen explains the political significance of the ongoing conflict and technology's role in the confrontaton.

Larsen notes that the immense show of support to Ukraine responds not only to the brutality of the war, but to the geopolitical shifts that it signals.

"You have a threat to the entire global system of sovereignty that's been established for the last 70 years," he says. "At a political level, that is very terrifying."

Larsen, whose investment company Guild Financial recently added to cryptocurrency to its platform, observes that Web3 technologies have been an unexpected boon to Ukrainian fighters.

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"Bitcoin's ability to rapidly fund some of the needs on the ground is incredible," he says. "That's an emerging technology that's being used in all kinds of unexpected ways, like sending me money while I'm boots on the ground in Ukraine."

Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Kaj Larsen, Journalist and War Correspondent