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Kaj Larsen: No-Fly Zone or Not, Ukrainians Still Need U.S. Support

A foreign correspondent on humanitarian aid to refugees fleeing the invasion.

Journalist Kaj Larsen has spent his career reporting on conflict in war zones around the world. Most recently, he covered the early weeks of the war in Ukraine on the ground. Larsen sat down with Roundtable at Bitcoin Miami to discuss the war, military strategy and where Ukraine is heading.

In this segment, Larsen discusses how the United States can best support Ukraine.

The issue of a no-fly zone, he observes, remains touchy, but the U.S. can aid Ukrainians in other ways.

"The American public has to ask if Ukraine is worth the risk of World War III, and I think if people really honestly answer that question, they'll say no," he says. "But that doesn't mean that individual Americans can't help. People can really focus on the humanitarian need."

Larsen notes that Europe has mobilized to receive refugees at great personal sacrifice, recalling his own family's previous support of refugees arriving in the U.S.

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"During the Cambodian genocide, the killing fields of the 1980s, my family adopted a Cambodian family and they lived with us," he says. "The Polish people are doing that. Obviously not everybody can take in a family, but think about that level of sacrifice, and then people can think about what they can give."

Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Kaj Larsen, Journalist and War Correspondent