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Puerto Rico 2022: Miss World Meets the Blockchain

This year's Miss World contestants sit down with Roundtable's Rob Nelson to discuss crypto, NFTs, and how technology can build community.

After being postponed because of the pandemic, the 2022 Miss World pageant in Puerto Rico brought together young women from across the globe. Several of the finalists joined Roundtable to talk about social impact, crypto, and the future of their countries’ youth.

In this segment, the guests discuss the possibilities that blockchain provides for the future of the digital world.

Manasa Varanasi emphasizes the blockchain’s potential in the areas of communication and cultural posterity.

“Coming out of a difficulty like COVID, our communication has transformed entirely. We can still create and communicate and consume within the comforts of our homes, and that’s really what makes NFTs so interesting,” Varanas said. “Here we have the digital world, which is in fact eternalizing any kind of content that is out there. It's there forever.”

Sienna Evans note that Web3 technology offers unprecedented possibilities for creators to pass work on to generations.

“When you have something that is on the blockchain, it cannot be destroyed or altered by anyone else,” Evans said. “It shows that we're all immortal.”

Shree Saini urged the public to get involved in the blockchain community.

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”The number one thing you have to do to make an impact is take action,” Saini said. “Get in the space, download the apps, look at NFT communities near you.”

Watch the full discussion: 

Roundtable Guests:

Sienna Evans, Miss Bahamas

Manasa Varansa, Miss India

Shree Saini, Miss America