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Jon Najarian: The Future of Fiat is Integration, not Elimination

Cryptocurrency may reveal the shortcomings of fiat money, but governments can't do away with it entirely.

Investing expert and Market Rebellion co-founder Jon Najarian is a jack-of-all-trades of the Web3 world. He joined Roundtable at the Bitcoin 2022 Conference in Miami to discuss the future of fiat currency and crypto.

Najarian observe that recent events in Russia have demonstrated how warfare plays a significant role in maintaining the value of Fiat currency.

"Fiat is not dead. You saw what happened with the Ruble. They crushed it when the, the sanctions came on Russia, and then it came right back," he notes. "That's the way it is because of armies and the destructive and defensive power that they hold."

In contrast, he says, Bitcoin can resist the value fluctuations imposed by sanctions and inflation.

"It's not going to be worth less because you just printed more of it, and Fiat currencies have that problem. But it's also a benefit for governments because they can print more of it," he says. "It's more likely we see an integration than a complete elimination of Fiat."

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As interest in cryptocurrency grows, Najarian notes that Bitcoin remains a popular first investment, while NFTs are also introducing newcomers to the blockchain.

"When they feel like making the leap, they go for Ethereum or Solana and or avalanche or whatever," he says. "Then they jump onto the NFT side, because that's where a lot of the younger people want to be."

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Roundtable Guests:

Jon Najarian, Co-Founder, Market Rebellion