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For the Modern NFL, Money Isn't Everything—It's the Only Thing

Brian Flores's case against the NFL is yet another spotlight on the league's complete lack of scruples.

Michael Loftus, comedian and editor of, and Niko House, political analyst at, joined Roundtable to discuss hot-button current issues around sports, race and politics.

In this segment, the panel discusses Brian Flores’ ongoing discrimination lawsuit against the NFL.

While Loftus is dubious about whether Flores has a case, he recognizes that the NFL has long been propelled by the profit motive at the expense of players’ lives.

“I don't know about the racism part, but I definitely know about the money part, and it all comes down to money,” Loftus said. “It's no longer about the love of the game. It's all about money.”

House points out, though, that racism and profit are often intertwined.

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“Those two things aren't necessarily mutually exclusive," House said. "There are times where rich white billionaires will make a decision about black people because of what they think would and would not be profitable."

Roundtable Guests:

Michael Loftus, standup comedian and editor-in-chief of

Niko House, political analyst and founder of

Watch the full discussion below: