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Build it and They Will Come: How to Construct User-Friendly NFT Portals to Spur Adoption

Easy-to-use interfaces and easy-to understand educational outreach are the key to getting the masses to interact with the blockchain, say two young innovators.

Adrian Baschuk, CCO of Ethernity, and Heaven Quiban, community coordinator at DiBA, joined Roundtable at Bitcoin 2022 in Miami to discuss building NFTs on Bitcoin and issues related to mass adoption. In this segment, they discuss their efforts to increase accessibility in the space.

"What we're doing is appealing to mass audiences and fan bases to [get] them to purchase an NFT," said Baschuk. "And they're with us on the blockchain. We're not off chain and we don't have custodial wallets. We're very true to that ethos [unlike] some of these new cash grab projects." 

"If you're interacting with the blockchain and noncustodial wallets and you're decentralized—amazing," he continued. "You're bringing in mass retail fans. When you look at ticketing events, memberships, credit card points and rewards—that's happening. That's gonna bring in new fans and users of crypto and blockchain via NFTs. It doesn't have to be a religion or a cultish sort of movement. It just happens in the background."

"I think the thing that's gonna drive people to adopt everything is the easiest user interface," added Quiban. "The minimal amount of clicks with the most accessible language—it's [about] accessibility. And the educational piece of it [matters], too, but doing it in a way that doesn't go over people's heads."

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Watch the full interview: 

Roundtable Guests:

Heaven Quiban, Community Coordinator, DiBA

Adrian Baschuk, Co-Founder, Ethernity