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The Interview: NFTs Go to the Movies

Tokenization will open up new forms of collaboration between storytellers and active audiences.

Jordan Fried, the founder of, has his eyes on the transformative potential of Web3 for art, technology, and beyond. He joined Roundtable at the BattleFin conference in Miami to talk about his vision for NFTs and the paradigm shift they’re bringing. In this segment, he discusses how NFTs will give audiences new forms of creative input. 

Fried imagines NFTs having massive applications for fan fiction and collaborative storytelling.

"How many times have you watched your favorite movie, and you said yourself, I could have written a better ending there? Fans can tell great stories, and this technology simply enables us to democratize who can tell the story," he explains.

He argues that the best NFT art comes from creators who explore the medium's specificity, rather than simply using it as a vehicle for existing work.

"This is a new technology, similar to any new technology that a contemporary artist may leverage that may change their art," he says. 

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"Those that are doing the best things don't approach it from the lens of, here's my art that I've already created, but how is this new technology going to change the way I express myself or the way I create art?"

Watch the full discussion below:

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