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How NiceHash is Decentralizing Crypto Mining

The program allows anyone to access hash power at any time.

The NiceHash platform has a unique way of encouraging cryptocurrency adoption: it aims to introduce newcomers to crypto by using on-demand hash power for crypto mining. NiceHash CMO Joe Downie joined Roundtable at Bitcoin Miami to explain how the platform works. 

NiceHash allows individuals to buy hash power at a small scale to mine at any time.

"You can connect up anytime and place orders, change orders and use that hash very, quickly, which means you can take a lot of advantage of when fluctuations in price," Downie explains.

Many of the users, Downie says, are gamers whose equipment is well-suited to mining. Instead of leaving their computers idle, they can leave their devices running NiceHash and earn money.

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Downie notes that NiceHash has appealed to many new people who are new to crypto, as well as decentralizing the mining process.

"It's a great place to start. Maybe you haven't heard of Bitcoin before, and you get paid out in Bitcoin hours into a wallets," he says. "You're decentralizing the, the mining with basic mining. We're spreading it out to more people."

Roundtable Guests:

Joe Downie, CMO, NiceHash