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Bridging Web 2.0 and Web3: Start-ups Seek to Make Crypto Accessible to the Masses

Innovators are still experimenting with how to make blockchain technology accessible to everyone. Are Curve US and PennyWorks the game-changers we've been waiting for?

Investing in cryptocurrency has continued to grow more popular among the general population. But for individuals, toggling between traditional investment and crypto can be unwieldy. Two new platforms, Curve US and PennyWorks, are offering solutions for individuals looking to manage their finances across Fiat and cryptocurrency, Curve US by consolidating cards and digital wallets on a single card, and PennyWorks by offering high-yield investment accounts to individuals. CEOs Amanda Orson and Ivan Zhang joined Roundtable in Miami to discuss their companies and the future of crypto investing for normal people. In this segment, they discuss the current phase of transitioning to blockchain technology with wider usage and responsible regulation.

Zhang notes that both Curve US and PennyWorks are seeking to bridge the existing gap to make crypto more accessible.

“There's traditional FinTech, which is Web 2.0, and there's a lot of new native crypto 3.0 companies, but there's a huge gap there,” Zhang explains. “That's exactly what Amanda and I are trying to solve, because we're trying to provide a familiar interface to something that's fundamentally new.”

The current phase of experimentation, Orson says, is necessary to bring Web3 to a wider audience.

“Right now where we are in the space is in our LimeWire, Napster stage. It's very early times. What we're waiting for is for someone to bring it to the masses by actually solving the hard problems,” Orson explains. “At some point, we're going to have a Jobs-like character who's going go on stage and say, here's 10,000 songs in your pocket. And that's when you get the masses. We don't have that yet. It's coming. But this is a part of actually innovating into that direction.”

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Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Amanda Orson, CEO, Curve US

Ivan Zhang, CEO of PennyWorks