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Roundtable Interview: How to Make Crypto Investing Less Scary for Noobs

Curve US and PennyWorks are creating user-friendly platforms that help newcomers begin investing in crypto.

Investing in cryptocurrency has continued to grow more popular among the general population. But for individuals, toggling between traditional investment and crypto can be unwieldy. Two new platforms, Curve US and PennyWorks, are offering solutions for individuals looking to manage their finances across Fiat and cryptocurrency, Curve US by consolidating cards and digital wallets on a single card, and PennyWorks by offering high-yield investment accounts to individuals. CEOs Amanda Orson and Ivan Zhang joined Roundtable in Miami to discuss their companies and the future of crypto investing for normal people. In this segment, they discuss how their products can play a part in facilitating crypto adoption.

Curve US uses a rewards program to introduce its users to crypto, which Orson notes can make it more accessible.

“The onboarding path for most people not in this space is super intimidating. I'm never going to be be able to get my mom there,” Orson says. “What we're doing is giving a new people a opportunity to get exposure to a new asset class, initially through the rewards part of the Curve product.”

Zhang explains that PennyWorks takes on much of the technical work involved in crypto investing.

“A lot of people who are very familiar with crypto can already do this themselves,” he says. “What we're doing is streamlining the entire process so that people that are not necessarily familiar with crypto can still benefit. We do the managing of the wallets. We do the calculation of the taxes based on blockchain transactions. All you do is you invest with us.”

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Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Amanda Orson, CEO, Curve USA

Ivan Zhang, CEO of PennyWorks