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Roundtable Interview: "Americans Can't Outsource the Future of the Country"

Brock Pierce on the sorry state of American democracy and where we go from here.

As his work has brought him close to politicians and policymakers throughout the world, Bitcoin Foundation chairman and blockchain innovator Brock Pierce has gained an an insider perspective on the workings of United States politics. He joined Roundtable to talk about the pandemic, free speech, and civic participation. In this segment, Pierce discusses discusses the population's lack of civic engagement and low rates of participation in politics.

Can you expect a country to transform itself when it can't even be bothered to vote?

"Ten percent of Americans participate in elections at the local or national level," notes Pierce. "I think we all need to become active in our civic duties. When, when the founding fathers designed this [country], the idea was that our public servants [and] government officials would [represent] accomplished people from all fields. That might be an elementary school teacher, a musician, a lawyer, an entrepreneur, a business person. Whatever it might be. We need to get back to that, with more of us getting involved at the local and city level, the federal level."

"The future's is going to happen to you, or it's going to happen with you," he added. "Your participation is required. Please get involved.

Pierce further argued that the future of politics need not involve a deepening of current partisan divides, and that Americans had a choice to build something better as a unified country with shared aspirations and ideals.

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"Red versus blue is a copout—don't fall for it," he said. "That's the easy way of saying, 'I'm not gonna do any real work to actually get to know the candidates and get to know the issues. Let's get involved and create a future that can work for everyone." 

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Roundtable Guests:

Brock Pierce, Chairman, Bitcoin Foundation