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The Interview: Media Literacy in an Age of Information Overload

In an oversaturated information ecosystem, it's more vital than ever to choose our sources wisely.

Technologist and entrepreneur Brock Pierce believes American society requires a course correction. The Bitcoin Foundation chairman, who is currently running for public office in Vermont, advocates for a new paradigm to overcome today’s polarization and the growing gulf between the public and its political institutions. He sat down with Roundtable's Rob Nelson to discuss his ideas for constructive disruption in technology, politics, and the media. In this segment, Pierce discusses how to approach media consumption in a world overloaded with choices.

Humans now have more sources of media than ever before. But quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality. Pierce argues that it's more important than ever to choose media sources with intention.

“Before the internet, you had broadcast television and cable, so you had somewhere between 20 and a hundred or 200 stations. The internet effectively made it unlimited,” he says. “So where do you get your information from? Who do you trust? It's important that you don't blindly trust, that you do some due diligence on your source, because where you get your information from matters.”

Pierce notes that choices around media consumption can have broad ripple effects.

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“Every time we transact with something, we are giving power to that thing.We need to be mindful and conscious of those things that we're empowering,” he says. “What news sources are we giving power to? What stores and vendors are we giving power to? What kind of business practices do they have?”

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Roundtable Guests:

Brock Pierce, Entrepreneur & Chairman, Bitcoin Foundation