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The Populists Are Rising on Both the Left and Right

Populism is the new Rainbow Coalition

Political analyst Niko House, CEO of Phireon Xavier Hawk, and Editor-in-Chief of Michael Loftus believe that populism is rising on both sides of the political spectrum.

“Populism is like a tagline when really it's just fundamental freedom—basic human rights and basic human decency,” Hawk said. “And if we have to call it populous, democrat, republican—we're missing the point. We just have to be rallied around truth. And that is it. Once we stand up with truth, everything else falls into place.”

House says that he’s a populous leftist—with one of the biggest voices—that is willing to listen to both sides, adding that the way society is structured, only the “loudest voices” are ever heard.

House, Hawk, and Loftus all agree that populism is increasing on both the left and right and that the movement is gaining traction.

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“It’s unstoppable at this point,” Loftus said. “People on the left can see it. People on the right can see it. NAFTA has not been good. All the factories are gone. The American jobs are gone. We rely on China for too much stuff. And that’s when Americans will come together.”

House describes the situation as a “reemergence of a new Rainbow Coalition,” similar to what Fred Hampton created when he was able to help white supremacists work with the Black Panthers and get rid of their Confederate flags.

“They killed a 21-year-old boy for his ability to do that, which lets you know how much of a threat that type of coalition can be,” House said. “So, I think that we're entering into that era again.”

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