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Roundtable Interview: Brock Pierce on Learning to Live with COVID-19

A lack of reliable data has contributed to public cynicism and distrust, but people are generally ready to move on.

As his work has brought him close to politicians and policymakers throughout the world, Bitcoin Foundation chairman and blockchain innovator Brock Pierce has gained an an insider perspective on the workings of United States politics. He joined Roundtable to talk about the pandemic, free speech and civic participation. In this segment, Pierce discusses the continued politicization of the COVID-19 pandemic with the termination of the mask mandate.

Pierce notes that the management of information around the pandemic continues to leave important questions unanswered.

“There's been heavy censorship that's occurred throughout this,” he says. “I think we've made a number of bad decisions, which is to be expected, when you're trying to respond to a crisis in a short period of time. The thing I'm most confused by is how we still don't have perfect data. We still don't know what to believe.”

He argues that the ongoing confusion and polarization around COVID-19 is due to the lack of accessible scientific data, an omission he attributes in part to the CDC.

“I don't see where there is good data that I can rely on and where consensus is easily reached. The raw data hasn't even been published. The CDC even said, we're only gonna give you pieces of the information, because the public may misinterpret the raw file,” he says. “Part of the problem is that we don't have the right information to form our conclusions.”

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That lack of information, he observes, only adds to the general distrust around COVID measures.

“It's a bunch of decisions, and anyone with half a brain should go, why did we do it that way? This doesn't make any sense to me,” he says. “It's almost certainly incompetence. I've spent time with too many people in government to think that it’s a conspiracy. It's just really bad decision making that is lacking in common sense.”

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Roundtable Guests:

Brock Pierce, Chairman, the Bitcoin Foundation