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Roundtable Interview: Does this "Decentralized Reddit" Represent the Future of Social Media?

Introducing deWeb, a blockchain-based message board that wants to help usher in the age of Web3 social media.

Eyal Hertzog calls his platform deWeb a "decentralized Reddit." It's a blockchain-based message board that describes as the future of social networks. Rather than major companies profiting from users' data, users on deWeb own the value they produce. Hertzog discussed the project with Roundtable at Bitcoin 2022 in Miami. In this segment, Hertzog delves into its significance for the future of Web3 and social media generally. 

"Every channel [on deWeb] is a way for someone to get to a large audience and provide good content," said Hertzog. "The message board is [also] serving another, complimentary purpose where the community can speak [and] express themselves.  Obviously, the channel manager will be involved, but the nice thing about communities is that they can curate and essentially figure [things] out by themselves."

The network, Hertzog goes on to explain, grew out of a revelation he had in 2019 about the nature of blockchains and what value they might bring to social interaction online.

"About three years ago, I started to think about blockchains as just public databases where everyone can store data or read data. It's like blockchain protocols. The difference between them and internet protocols is that internet protocols move information through space. But blockchain protocols preserve information through time. That's the difference." 

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Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Participants:

Eyal Hertzog, Founder and CEO, DeWeb