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Roundtable Interview: Meet the Startup Tying NFTs to King Bitcoin

DiBA is taking the value created by graphic smart contracts and adding them to the original blockchain.

Adrian Baschuk, CCO of Ethernity, and Heaven Quiban, community coordinator at DiBA, joined Roundtable in Miami to discuss building NFTs on Bitcoin.

"We build upon that technology using something called RGB, which is a smart contact protocol that will allow us to tie the crypto a graphic proof of a smart contract to a Bitcoin UT XO," explained Quiban. "Essentially the digital art is tied directly to an existing piece of Bitcoin."

Along with the new aesthetic value, BTC a secure blockchain with a reliable store of value, said Quiban.

"When you look at the blockchains, Bitcoin is always at the top," he noted. "And a part of the reason why it's been so difficult to do NFTs on top of Bitcoin is because it's so secure, you know, like all the security has [prevented this.] But now, from developing with colored coins on RGB, it's possible."

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Watch the full interview: 

Roundtable participants: 

Adrian Baschuk, co-founder of Ethernity

Heaven Quiban, community coordinator at DiBA