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Roundtable Interview: The Syndication Network Bringing Crypto to Broadcast TV

VRR Media has three internationally syndicated shows and a broad viewership throughout the U.S.

Television viewers now have more viewing (and streaming) options than ever, but broadcast TV remains alive and kicking. The Florida-based company VRR Media is a broadcast network seeking to inform the public on cutting-edge issues. Vivian Gaspar and Ron Rossnick, president and CEO, respectively, of VRR TV, joined Roundtable at Bitcoin Miami to talk about their network's goals. 

"We've covered a wide range of topics—elder care abuse, child neglect, even B2B problems like like fraud, business credit, and now cryptocurrency," says Rossnick. "It has become such an important topic, and we want to educate older people [and] baby boomers who are afraid to be in crypto." 

VRR TV reaches a broad audience across the U.S. and the world through 2,500 channel partners, with a particularly wide reach in the Caribbean. Their partners include local channels and public-access television, with one particularly "captive audience": the network's broadcast are viewable by inmates in the California Department of Corrections. This fits perfectly the networks' mission to "empower our viewers with actionable steps to improve their lives," regardless of where they are, Rossnick explains. 

Adds Gaspar: "We've had stations run marathons of our shows—six, seven hours at a time of programming [that features blockchain] innovators like Alex Mashinsky of Celsius Network. We love innovators."  

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Roundtable Participants:

Vivian Gaspar, President, VRR Media Productions

Ron Rossnick, CEO, VRR Media Productions