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Roundtable Interview: Is the Future of NFTs on the BTC Blockchain?

Andre de Castro believes that the benefits of Ethereum and other blockchains over King BTC are greatly overstated.

The company Blockchain of Things offers an integration layer for developers and non-developers alike to build applications on Bitcoin blockchain. Andre de Castro, founder and president of Blockchain of Things, joined Roundtable in Miami to discuss the technology and its applications for Bitcoin innovation.

"Many people believe that you can't build apps on Bitcoin and they use secondary or tertiary blockchains that haven't proven themselves yet to build applications,” De Castro explains. “We come into the space providing a second layer of technology that it makes it super simple for individuals to integrate existing apps or build applications using Bitcoin.”

Blockchain of Things also aims to be accessible to users who may not be savvy about the blockchain’s inner workings.

“The person who doesn't have a lot of engineers, or who doesn't have deep pockets, can use something accessible such as WordPress to start assembling and integrating with the Bitcoin blockchain,” De Castro says. “They may only use a small functionality of the blockchain, but it's there available for them.”

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Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Andre De Castro, Founder and CEO, Blockchain of Things