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The Interview: Where is U.S. Diplomatic Leadership in Ukraine?

Washington should show more diplomatic initiative and resolve to end the war in Ukraine, argues a retired Army general and former undersecretary of defense.

Retired Army general and former defense undersecretary Anthony Tata joined Roundtable to discuss security issues past and present. In this segment, he discusses the Biden administration's approach to ending the war in Ukraine.

General Tata explains that the U.S. is walking a fine line to avoid any interventions that could be construed as acts of war.

"Every policy decisions has to be looked at through the lens of Article V in NATO," he says. "It's a tinderbox. One little match could light the whole thing."

Still, he argues that the Biden administration hasn't demonstrated the needed will to come up with alternative solutions to endless fighting and possible escalation, comparing the situation to President Clinton's handling of the Bosnian war.

"They got everybody in Dayton, Ohio, and hammered out what was later called the Dayton Agreement," he recalls. 

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"They locked the room, slid pizzas under the door with some Diet Cokes and came out with a solution. Clinton was really focused on that, as was General Clark. I don't see that kind of energy coming from the administration."

Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

General Anthony Tata, Retired Brigadier General, U.S. Army; Former Defense Undersecretary