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The Billionaire's Philosopher: The Enduring Impact Of Ayn Rand

The author and philosopher championed ambition and selfishness as core human values.

Since its publication in 1957, millions of readers have entered the world of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. The philosophical novel has developed a large cult following over the years, and the author’s ideas continue to influence thinkers, politicians and businesspeople. Yaron Brook, chair of the Ayn Rand Institute, sat down with Roundtable to discuss the reasons for the author and philosopher’s enduring legacy.

In this segment, Brooks attributes to Ayn Rand the inspiration behind many of today’s most successful businesses and enterprises, from Silicon Valley to Wall Street.

“Rand has provided inspiration to the most successful business people and to the most successful financiers in the world today,” Brooks said. “She's influenced the lives of countless successful individuals. She's provided that spark, that energy.”

Brooks describes the core of Rand’s influence as the inherent value she placed on success in business–a departure from the Western philosophical tradition.

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To Rand, “being ambitious, being successful, making the most of your productive life is a virtue,” Brooks said. “Being successful in business is moral, is good, is a virtuous thing.”


Yaron Brook, Chair, Ayn Rand Institute

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