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Roundtable Interview: The Blockchain Revolution Will be Livestreamed

Why the best way to reach new crypto enthusiasts may well be a channel best known for livestreaming video gamers.

As cryptocurrencies reach out for new audiences, there’s an increasing focus on so-called onramps, easy ways for people who’ve never been involved in crypto to ease in to the market. Jordan Edelson, who’s been creating digital companies since his early teens (and who has made two major commercials for Apple) has launched TradeZing, which aims to make accessing crypto easy for newbies, especially the Gen Z set. He sat down with Roundtable’s Rob Nelson at Bitcoin 2022 in Miami to explain.

As Edelson explains, TradeZing is “essentially a Twitch, but for finance,” which covers both crypto and NFTs, and fiat assets, including the stock market. Younger investors just don't have enough information to feel comfortable about embracing a new financial marketplace.

“It's a platform that harnesses content creation around influencers, this whole concept of financial influencers, and it's really targeted towards Gen Z, millennials that have really been underserved. Over the years, especially during the pandemic, a lot of them blindly invested into the markets because a lot of the content out there didn't truly resonate with them. So this platform's supposed to provide that type of content to a younger demo.”

Users can pay for premium services by converting their dollars into TradeZing’s proprietary coin, explains Edelson.

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"Once you have that zing currency, you can then deploy that across the platform," he says. "The final, really cool piece of it is we have something called widgets. They live below any type or piece of content and allows you to take action against that. So if you want to trade on your platform of choice, you can actually use our third party integration and you're able to actually trade while you're watching right on our site.” 

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Jordan Edelson, Founder and CEO of TradeZing