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The Roundtable: America's Free Speech Icons Speak Out

Miami, FL., Bitcoin 2022 conference. Roundtable’s Rob Nelson hosted a high-powered panel of free speech warriors—Fox News host Tucker Carlson, pioneering mRNA researcher Dr. Robert Malone, YouTube celebrity JP Sears, and digital media pioneer James Heckman—to discuss unprecedented censorship and the urgency of resisting, and building a coalition to defeat it.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson began by relaying an eye-opening conversation he had with Bitcoin advocate and investor Michael Saylor. “The central banks use currency as a means of social control,” said Carlson. “And crypto is the one available escape route. When [Saylor] explained that to me, it changed my view completely.”

But the digitization of currency also presents risks, noted Dr. Robert Malone, a scientist who has emerged as a leading critic of state COVID policies and guidelines.

“In a centralized digital currency world, they can push a button and delete you completely—delete your ability to have shelter, food and, and earn a living," he said. "All they have to do is push a button. There's no judicial process. You don't get arrested and go to jail—all that friction is gone." 

The key to remaining an effective voice for resisting pressure and cancellation, said Roundtable CEO James Heckman, is to “be visible." Heckman cited co-panelist Carlson and Joe Rogan as examples of figures "too famous to cancel", as well as the high-profile trucker protest in Canada. 

“The overreach in Toronto [was] dragging veterans and cutting off money and food supplies. The [authorities] said, ‘We're starting to get some bad PR.’ And they stopped,” noted Heckman. 

The comedian J.P. Sears echoed the others’ concern over the power of central banks and suggested “our heads are in the [banks’] guillotine.” To illustrate the first step to liberation, he cited Ram Dass as saying, "You can't get out of a jail if you don't know you're in one." Among the most important tools needed to escape, argued Sears, are "blockchain, Bitcoin, and decentralized technologies." 

"We have a new paradigm and I believe we have the power to make a beautiful change—and the change is happening,” he concluded. 

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Dr. Malone also struck an optimistic high note toward the end of the discussion.

“We are luminous beings,” said Malone. “We aren't just economic units. We are the engine of creation, and we're not done as a species. We don't have to live in this world of repression and dominance. We're here to live and create and build community and interact with each other and experience joy. And most importantly, to be artists. The artist is the culmination of society, not the banker.”

Roundtable participants:

Tucker Carlson: Fox News host, Tucker Carlson Tonight

James Heckman: CEO, Roundtable Media

Dr. Robert Malone: Molecular biologist, pioneering mRNA researcher

J.P. Sears: Comedian