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The Interview: Beyond Hyper-Partisanship

Technologist and entrepreneur Brock Pierce argues that we can only fix the nation's problems by rediscovering our common ground.

The United States is suffering the highest rates of political polarization in generations. Technologist and entrepreneur Brock Pierce, who is working on solutions through his One America SuperPAC, spoke with Roundtable about the causes and nature of this polarization, and the role participatory democracy must play in finding pragmatic solutions to our biggest problems. 

Pierce states his belief that the only way to overcome political disfunction and the crisis of civic morale is for everyday Americans to enter the democratic process.

"Our lack of participation is what allows the system to be the way that it is," he says. "We can't fix it without getting involved. It's so incredible that we have the ability to choose those that govern over us, and it requires your participation. The future will happen to you, or it will happen with you." 

He also calls for a change in the mentality that currently dominates the thinking of so many elected officials.

"It requires true public servants, [those] not there to act for their own self-interest, but to act in your interest on behalf of everyone," he says. 

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"Left is not the answer. Right is not the answer. We need to go forward. We have to rise above partisan politics and realize that we are mostly the same."

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Roundtable Guests:

Brock Pierce, Chairman, Bitcoin Foundation